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Dear Parents!

Dear Parents,

We are offering help for your child, which may be a kid with special needs. Every kid is special, but your child may have been diagnosed or is suspected to have a medical, emotional, or learning problem and may benefit from additional support to successfully master daily life, kindergarten or school. Enlisting us for help may be the first step in the right direction and taking timely action is important, especially for children.

We are a large team consisting of health care workers with a wide array of professions, specializations and special training - medical doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychomotor trainers and speech therapists – who pride in working close and integrated together towards a shared goal: supporting children with special needs.

First a medical doctor will examine your child. Depending on the results, further tests will be run, for example by a psychologist or an occupational therapist. Finally, the team will review all results together and we will explain and discuss them with you. If the gathered data shows that a therapy may be indicated and beneficial, we can also offer a wide spectrum of therapeutic support for kids with special needs.

How do you and your child get in touch with us?

You need a letter of referral (“Überweisungschein”) from your pediatrician or general practitioner. Here, you will first fill out a registration form, which we are happy to send to you, or you can alternatively download it here. It is necessary that the referring medical doctor is signing the registration form. The costs for the checkup and therapies, if medically warranted, are covered by your health insurance. For getting a comprehensive picture, please bring not only your child, your insurance card, and the letter of referral from your family doctor with you to the first visit, but please bring also your expectant mother's record of prenatal and natal care (“Mutterpass”), your kids medical record booklet (“Vorsorgeheft”) and all other available medical records, exercise books, school reports, your childs drawings and pictures to our first meeting.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child!


Zentrum für Kindesentwicklung
Rümkerstr. 15-17
22307 Hamburg

telephone: 040 6315218
fax: 040 6325980
email: info@spz-hamburg.de

registration form: please click here for download

contact form: please click here

translation: Dr. med. Franz Josef Müller

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